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Dermal Fillers

We rejuvenate the skin with hyaluronic acid fillers, which restore lost volume and definition to the face. Hyaluronic acid is a substance the body produces to combat moisture loss, and it helps to keep the skin firm and well hydrated. When dermal filler is injected into the skin, it draws water molecules to itself and helps to create plumpness, and structure and even out lines. 

Areas treated.

We can treat the following areas with dermal filler.  

  • lips, 

  • cheek, 

  • chin,

  •  jawline, 

  • nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty),

  •  nasolabial folds, 

  • marionette lines, 

  • temples, 

  • tear trough, 

  • brow. 

Closeup of young black woman receiving lip beauty injection at spa salon, panorama with fr

What to expect – 

Numbing cream would be applied prior to each procedure and when the skin is numb, we then inject fillers – which themselves contain an anaesthetic agent (lidocaine) helping a more comfortable procedure. 

 Procedure normally takes 45-60 minutes to include numbing. 

You should have minimal discomfort. 

Downtime can last from 30 minutes to a couple of days as filler settles. 

How often would treatments be required – This can range from 6 to 12 months, depending on the individual and how quickly the body uses up hyaluronic acid . 

Anti-wrinkle treatments 

Botulinum toxin Type A is an injectable that smoothens facial lines by blocking the hormone which causes the facial muscle in the area injected, to contract. The result is fewer wrinkles and decreased frowning in the area preventing more dynamic wrinkles from forming.

Botox is used on the face for frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet, however it can also be used to tighten skin laxity in the neck is also highly effective for reducing  under-arm sweating . 

woman face wrinkles   after treatment .jpg

Bio stimulators

Including Profhilo and EJAL 40

Both Profhilo and Ejal 40 work to stimulate the skin’s own collagen production. With hyaluronic acid, and amino acids which when injected into the skin, helps it to produce more collagen, resulting in firmer, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines . 


These are the recommended treatments if you want firmer, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. 


Treatments which target under-eye circles

Lumi eyes can target the delicate under eye area and dark circles by signalling the body’s cells to produce collagen and at the same time, lightening the area. 

Polynucleotides derived from salmon DNA.


They function to repair skin, reduce scar tissue, and minimize uneven skin patches. They have anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate collagen production, hydration, and elasticity of the skin. They do not fill the skin, but nourish the skin . 


These treatments are derived from a person’s own blood and are all natural but extremely powerful in growth factors and promote collagen building in the skin as well as the scalp and hair. Historically used in orthopaedics and dentistry PRP in particular has had a lot of success in Regenerative medicine especially In the areas of orthopaedics. It has helped treat tendons, ligaments and muscle injuries. 


PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin and is unique in that it uses no anti-coagulants, no added compounds , only your own platelets and fibrin . It produces a much smaller amount of product, but at a greater concentration. 


How does it work – The mechanism behind this is not clearly understood, however PRF stimulates healing and tissue regeneration , with its increased concentration of growth factors , which results in a cascade of growth in skin and hair .


For more dramatic results – PRF is combined with micro needling (vampire facial ) which helps to reduce pore size and scarring .

What to expect 

The area being treated will be numbed prior to treatment. A small amount of blood will be drawn from your arm – approximately 15 – 20 mls. 

The blood will be processed in a machine and the PRF will be extracted. 

This extraction would then be re-injected into the skin, or scalp, to address tissue or hair loss. 

The downtime is very low, about 24 hours, where you would be required to not wash or shampoo, as the vulnerable skin heals. The injected area may appear red and slightly swollen for about 48 hrs, after which the product is all absorbed into the skin. 

During this time, and for the next 6 weeks, growth factors continue to work on the area being treated, new blood vessels are formed, new collagen is formed to bring about eventual growth and rejuvenation of cells  

The result – Firmer skin, plumper skin, smoothened appearance. Diminishing fine lines. Radiance. 


Areas treated: Face, under-eye (tear-trough) , neck , hand , chest.


PRP stands for Platelet rich Plasma. 

The procedure can be used for both skin and hair 

This is the tried and tested product known to be the most effective for treating male pattern baldness in both males and females. 

It has been used for decades to treat haematological disorders, and then in the 80’s in maxillofacial surgery.

PRP helps to increase the thickness of the hair shaft and has been especially recommended after a hair transplant.

It has been known to help with hair recovery in the postpartum period, where a woman can suffer from hormonal hair loss (telogen effluvium).

Female green eyes with bruises under eyes before and after cosmetic treatment. Dark circle
Cropped shot of a young caucasian woman's face with dark circles under eyes before and aft
PRP before and after

What is involved?

Blood is drawn from a patient’s arm and collected in tubes with an anti-coagulant – to prevent the blood from clotting. This is then mechanically processed. 

The PRP is then. extracted and re-injected into the scalp to nourish and stimulate growth of hair follicles. 


Downtime – There is little downtime, however we advise no aerobic exercise for 48 hrs, no swimming for 1 week and no washing of the hair for 24 hours post procedure .


Normally, a patient would require 3-4 treatments, and would usually begin to see results after the second or third treatments. Sometimes, results are seen earlier, after the first treatment. 


The same procedure is done for the PRP facial or “vampire” facial helping to create radiant and youthful skin. 

How often?

It is recommended to have one or two sessions every 6 months to a year. 

Bio fillers 

Bio fillers are produced from a derivative of PRP, which is platelet poor plasma, which is then processed to produce a gel like substance which can be used just like a dermal filler to affect creases, lines and definition of the face. 

The procedure involves the same steps as PRP or PRF but may take longer as the filler is processed. 

The advantage of this procedure, is that pure materials are extracted from your own blood, however more frequent treatments are required and may need topping up every 3-4 months.

Lower part of face and neck of elderly woman with signs of skin aging before after facelif

Areas treated – 

  • lips, 

  • cheek, 

  • chin,

  •  jawline, 

  • nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty),

  •  nasolabial folds, 

  • marionette lines, 

  • temples, 

  • tear trough, 

  • brow. 

Fat dissolving Treatments

Aqualyx is a treatment that destroys fat cells in the area under the chin, as well as the love handles , stomach , arms and thighs . 

It is used for localised pockets of stubborn fat , and is not suitable for over 1 stone of weight loss .

What is involved? 

The targeted area is numbed with lidocaine cream for your comfort. The product is mixed with lidocaine for further comfort and then a series of tiny injections with the product are administered. 

The area is then manipulated so that the product settles in well. 


Downtime – The downtime may range from 24-48 hrs as the product settles and fat cells are targeted. Good hydration is encouraged to later eliminate the fat cells .


Closeup of a Lipotropic injection into the subcutaneous fat below the navel. Local Fat and
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