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Anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers

Here at Rejuvenesse we use anti-wrinkle products which have been tried and tested by the medical profession for many many years. Your health and safety is our priority .

This treatment , in combination with fillers serve to enhance and re-contour the face , eliminating facial wrinkles as it pushes away the signs of ageing . 

Facial enhancement is another of our treatments to help bring out a particular feature or conceal  another , which you may not be comfortable with , we use the best fillers on the market , to ensure that the best results are attained each time . 

Perhaps you want to add ,more volume to your lips , or enhance your chin or cheeks or just reduce the signs of ageing on different areas of the face  . Then you can call to arrange a consultation, where the appropriate product can be prescribed . Anti-wrinkle injections are  used by Rejuvenesse to correct upper facial frown lines as well as crows feet .

So how exactly do anti wrinkle injections work ?

Over time , wrinkles begin to appear in areas that are regularly flexed by muscles under the skin . Frowning and other expressions contribute to the formation of lines . The anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles under the skin, and work to make facial lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

Anti wrinkle injections are safe to use, when treatment is done by a qualified clinician and last for about 3-4 months . Anti-wrinkle injections are used by Rejuvenesse to correct upper facial frown lines , including those on the forehead and crows feet . They can also be used for lines on the neck and selectively on the lower face . 


The best candidates for these injections are 

All adults whose skin is in  a generally a good condition with some degree of moderate elasticity and without the following contra-indications which may disqualify -:

- Deep scarring of facial skin

-Existing weakness in the facial muscles

-Certain neuro-muscular disorders


-Excessively thickened facial skin

-Ptosis or eyelids which droop 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are sometimes used in combination with anti wrinkle injections for optimum results and can add to lips and facial enhancement.

Dermal fillers contain Hyaluronic  acid - a naturally occurring substance found in the body and work to plump and rejuvenate the skin by attracting water to the skin . These can last for up to a year.  

Dermal filler injections are normally used by Rejuvenesse to correct mid and lower facial lines and contours , to include under eye , chin , jawline , mouth , cheek and lips .


Good candidates for dermal fillers are 

- adults who are physically healthy

-non- smokers

-people who do not have wrinkles due to brittle skin

-people with realistic expectations about their treatment


Both PRP as well as PRF hair and skin rejuvenation is offered at Rejuvenesse


So how does the consultation work 

You would have to call in for a free  initial consultation which would be arranged in our diary . This would include a careful assessment of your medical history and we can assess your requirements and develop a treatment proposal , giving you all the necessary information about treatment , and where you can be further assessed and formulations prescribed.

We would then either treat right away or give you the option of coming back to have the proposed treatment.

You would then come back in after two to three weeks for a free follow up consultation . 

So why not book a consultation today ?

See how these products can work for you today

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